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Nassim Haramein was born in Geneva, Switzerland in 1962

As early as 9 years old, Nassim was already developing the basis for a unified hyperdimensional theory of matter and energy, which he eventually called the “Holofractographic Universe.”

Haramein has spent most of his life researching the fundamental geometry of hyperspace, studying a variety of fields from theoretical physics, cosmology, quantum mechanics, biology and chemistry to anthropology and ancient civilizations. Combining this knowledge with a keen observation of the behavior of nature, he discovered a specific geometric array that he found to be fundamental to creation and from which the foundation for his Unified Field Theory emerged.

This unification theory, known as the Haramein-Rauscher metric (a new solution to Einstein’s Field Equations that incorporates torque and Coriolis effects) and his last published paper The Schwarzschild Proton, lays down the foundation of what could be a fundamental change in our current understandings of physics and consciousness. This groundbreaking theory has now been delivered to the scientific community through peer-reviewed papers and presentations at international physics conferences. Further, The Schwarzschild Proton paper recently received the prestigious “Best Paper Award” in the field of physics, quantum mechanics, relativity, field theory, and gravitation at the University of Liège, Belgium during the 9th International Conference CASYS’09.

Nassim Haramein physics - unified field theoryFluent in both French and English, Haramein has been giving lectures and seminars on his unification theory for over 20 years. His lectures are engaging multimedia presentations that lead his audiences through the validity of his theories with extensive observational and theoretical data.

In addition to his scientific papers, Mr. Haramein imparts this theory in a layman’s paper, a 4 DVD set entitled “Crossing the Event Horizon: Rise to the Equation,” a 90-minute DVD entitled “Black Whole,” and his international speaking tours.

In the past 10 years, Haramein has directed research teams of physicists, electrical engineers, mathematicians and other scientists in exploring the various aspects of unification principles and their implications in our world today . He has founded a non-profit organization, the Resonance Project Foundation, where, as the Director of Research, he continues in developing a research park in Hawai’i where science, sustainability, and advanced technology come together to generate viable solutions for our planet’s current energy crisis.

Nassim Haramein’s most recent DVD, “Black Whole,” provides insight into the structure of space-time and a new coherent model of the universe. Haramein uses the parallels between his theory, ancient documents, sacred geometry and codes found in monuments to provide a new look at the reality in which we live.

David Sereda
Foto: David Sereda

Full 1 hour 14 minutes - about UFO's

David Sereda - on Dreamland

Quantum Communication David Sereda Coast to Coast am 09:27:2011
talking about Extra-Terrestrials

very interesting !!!

In 1967-68, While growing up in Berkeley, CA, an avid Star Trek fan, he spotted his first UFO with over 50 witnesses in the surrounding area. After 20 minutes, the crowd watched the UFO blink out and disappear into the invisible in a split second. Since then, Sereda has been an avid UFO researcher and has studied invisible photography.

David Sereda's first aspiration in life was to become an astronaut. He kept a scrapbook of every Apollo mission while growing up in Berkeley and San Francisco, California in the 1960s. With a permanent and affected memory, David grew up as a UFO enthusiast never living in doubt of the phenomena that has swept the world since the Roswell incident in 1947. His interest in space, religion, philosophy, astronomy and science led him on his career in related fields. He has worked deeply in high technology, on environmental and humanitarian issues and as a professional photographer for over 20 years. He has studied world religion, science, physics and paranormal psychology for over 25 years on virtually hundreds of issues.

From 1980 â?? Current 2005, Professional Photographer with many clients including Pepsi (Tracey Locke), Yoga and Fitness catalogs, Beverly Hills Polo Club, Ecology Stories, some Journalism Photos, etc.

From 1979 to 2001, in part-time reforestation work, David Sereda has personally planted over 1.3 million trees in the forests of the Pacific Northwest of British Columbia, Canada, Alaska and some in California. He has worked with oil spill clean-up on several oil spills, in California and in the North West.

In 1990-1992, he became Director of the L.A. based â??Tesla Foundationâ?? promoting â??Scientific Discoveries For a Better Environmentâ?? where he promoted breakthroughs in non-radioactive nuclear energy, solar power and hydrogen fuel technologies. In April of 1992, David was invited as an environmentalist (amongst many Nobel Prize and other Brilliant physicists) to speak in Congress in a debate between government funded radioactive nuclear fusion and privately funded non-radioactive nuclear fusion. After the debate, Congress, decided to continue funding radioactive nuclear fusion (Tokomak at Princeton) and refused to fund privately developed non-radioactive nuclear fusion efforts, despite support and pressure from a panel of Nobel Prize winning and other award winning physicists. As Director of â??The Tesla Foundationâ?? he also attended many protests against pollution of oceans and the environment. He also wrote and had published numerous articles, some of which are available upon request.

From 1992-1995, David was President of The Green & Blue Corporation, a California based eco-venture capital company funded by a wealthy Saudi Investor. The company represented many of the top scientific corporations in the United States of America with technologies to revolutionize energy, fuels, and environmental clean-up to investors all over the world. After meeting with many of the worldâ??s wealthiest individuals, corporations and investment banking firms, none of them decided to invest in the Green Technologies represented, which included Dr. Bogdan C. Maglichâ??s non-radioactive Deuterium-Helium-3, nuclear energy (supported by a panel of Nobel and other award winning physicists); the Stirling Solar Power Developments by Hydrogen Engineering Associates based at McDonald Douglas (currently at Boeing Aircraft); The Phoenix Project (Stirling Solar Power- Hydrogen Fuel plant Project) headed by Harry Braun and The American Hydrogen Association; Cogenesis Corporation, headed by L. Scott Tucker, the development of non-polluting waste and trash burning, electric power production facilities; Nel Nithium Corporation, developed and proven human waste purification, sewage treatment and energy production facility; and various oil spill clean-up technologies. The Green & Blue Corporation went out of business in 1995.

From 1996 to 1998, David Sereda was hired by HiEnergy Micro devices, a Defense Contractor in Irvine, California, building leading edge technology for the worldâ??s only chemically specific detection of buried landmines. Chief Scientist and Chairman was Dr. Bogdan C. Maglich, an M.I.T. PhD physicist, and inventor of non-radioactive, self-colliding beam, deuterium-helium-3 fusion. Dr. Maglich had abandoned efforts to further develop non-radioactive nuclear energy due to lack of interest from the government, investment community and the public. It was in 1995 that Dr. Maglich discovered a revolutionary technology for the detection of buried landmines, and hidden explosives. At HiEnergy Microdevices, David Sereda moved from Vice President to President in one year. He helped negotiate and open alternative applications to the detection systems at Hinergy for other areas of National Security at U.S. Customs, The Undersecretary of Defense for A&T, the FAA, and other government agencies. Later it was realized that the technology could be applied to finding concealed and well-disguised explosives, narcotics, chemical and biological weapons, for National Security purposes. Tests were verified by Special Technologies Laboratory, in Santa Barbara, California in 1997. HiEnergy Microdevices was turned down for private funding and further Defense Contracts due to lack of interest in building better National Security systems by the FAA, the Army, and the Military and was advised to seek funding in the private investment community. David Sereda left HiEnergy Microdevices in 1998 due to lack of funding, but has remained an associate while research has continued with minimal funding. Laboratory results have since revealed accurate detection of hidden explosives, narcotics and biological warfare elements. Due to the events of 9-11-01, interest in better National Security detection systems has opened the way for possible success for HiEnergy Microdevices.

From 1998 - 2000, David Sereda worked in Marketing a revolutionary oil spill clean-up technology that uses organic bio-remediation from cotton seed lint fibers for a product line called "Oil Gator", marketed in the State of Oregon by a company that has now gone bankrupt due to lack of interest in organic, non-toxic oil spill clean-up technology, all of which was supported and tested positively by the United States military.

From 2000-2001, David Sereda co-founded, with Ms. Shawn Mussell, â??The Native Elders Video Library Archivesâ?? a non-profit, California based foundation developing a Video Library of Native American Indian Elders oral teachings and wisdom. During 2001-2002, they produced 22 interviews of survivors of Canadian residential Schools Abuse and genocide.

From 1995 through 2001, at the request of Martyn Stubbs (who video cataloged over 400 hours of live NASA broadcast missions) and Michael Boyle (Professional Photographer associate of Mr. Stubbs) David Sereda conducted a deep scientific investigation into the scientific community at NASA and outside of the agency into 1990s space shuttle mission video footage of Unidentified Flying Object Phenomena. The results of that investigation led to the development of the book and documentary film, "Evidence, The Case For NASA UFOs."