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in the Karwendel Mountains
Mountain wildherb hiking with Regina Franziska Rau

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what you can expect
Reports + Fotos
the Rawfood-Summit 2011-2014

RawFoodsummit 2016

joyous rawfood days with Regina Franziska Rau
from 26.-29. August - at the Binsalm at the Karwendelgebirge Bavaria/Austria
meeting point: 10.00 o'clock in front of the stairs of the Alpengasthof Eng Souvenier-Shop

Regina short Vita

RawFood days together
at the Binsalm at the Karwendelgebirge

meeting spot in front of the stairs to the Souvenier Shop - left side on the foto

Please park your car at the big parking place at the Alpengasthof Eng. It is prohibited to drive up to the Binsalm. If you want your backback lifted up with the Alp-Taxi, please be on time at the meeting spot (Alpengasthof Eng Souvenier-Shop) at 10.00 o*clock on 26th of August 2016. We meet in front of the stairs to the Souveniershop.

Together we go pleasure hiking (no sport event) in the fantastic Landscape of the Karwendel Mountains. We will see rare animals, we will experience the power of the wild Herbs and Raw-Food, we exchange spiritually within the wonderfull and quiet environment. These common days in the mountains are a highly intensive and a unique experience!

Ziach Spieler von der Seite des Stripsenjoch-Hauses wonderful and picturesque backdrop of the Karwendel Silverregion in the Eng (Bavaria/Austria) are awaiting us.
You are interested in you own vitality, health, joy of life, and in nature - and for things which are invisible for the eye?! We change the world, by changing ourselves from the inside!

This rawfoodsummit ieser Frohkostgipfel is marked by wild herbs and coming in touch with nature. Wild herb food does not only do good - it also can be very delicious! During these days I will show you, which herbs are raw edible, in which amounts, and how you can prepare them. Herbal-Food is not only vital ... but is also able, to bring back the people's health, and keep them healthy and vital ...

A big change is going on in the world. In the Mountains you find quietness and peace with and within yourself.
I love to be in the mountains - and I love the rawfood, which switches on the light from within and brings great joy! So during a wonderful hiking 2011 in the Karwendel Mountains to the Halleranger I had the idea for the Rawfood-Summit. It is a pleasure for me to share my many years of experience with you. Also regarding reincarnation and how it affects our lives in every moment - here and now!

Come with us - we would be pleased to see you!  
Regina and the RawFood Summit Team

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Important Notes !
please read this before booking !
The booking terms are not valid for the Finns who come with Marjut Langefeld!

This RawFood Summit is marked by the Wildherbs
- Assistence for food preparing, collecting herbs and some cleaning are required for the participation -
We prepare our food all together. In the Mornings we meet for the Qi-Gong (participation is free) and afterwards we collect grass and wildherbs all together, for the Power-Vital Sweetgrassjuice, for the breakfast Smoothie and for the Wildherb-Salads, which the participants respond with great enthusiasm.
before the hikings - and at the evenings before going to bed - and if necessary at any time between - we clean our eating place all together! (Please also read the Checklist !)
If you want to eat or dring vegan Food at the Binsalm (No Animal Products!), can bring this on his own! Or buy it at the Binsalm.
Injuries during the whole stay at the Binsalm or while hiking will not be provided!
Everybody participates the RawFood Summit on her/his own responsibility!