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That you are landed on this page shows that you are a person, who feels directly with the heart... Therefore, I recommend to you: before you start to follow the links or texts below - first read "The End of the (material) world." The links below give you insight about worldly happenings - the actual situation on this planet ... If you've checked some of them, you will understand that things can not remain the way they are ... it does not really matter, whether it will all come true this way or not - is not important for me personally. I'm preparing for the worst, and yet change everything, what I can change ... e.g. my diet, my consumption, my thoughts, my actions ... and I believe in a God of love ... I trust that everything happens for my - for our own good, and that it will be good for the development of my - our soul - anyway... We are still in the pupation stage ... Soon there will be many "Butterflies" ...

this is the chance for a REAL choice what we want to see and experience in the future!

?! END-TIME !?
The most important Links for those, who have not known yet - about the real circumstances in this material world. See below - after the preface:
Apocalypse - Illuminati - Chemtrails / HAARP - David Icke - Mind Control - Policy - Trombones - death - UFOs ...
The End - 3 Days of Darkness

During the recent months / years, much has happened - so that people can no longer sleep quietly. The circumstances make them jumping for joy or for euphoria - or they cause sleepless nights.

Everybody is looking to orient themselves ... We have lost the direction, we do no longer know what we are to believe ...

Every day there are new messages. While surfing the Internet we can find the publications of stunning and shocking new revelations, discoveries of ancient ruins, visitors from outer space.

We hear that they are hidden or live inside the earth. We hear that Jesus Christ - or the anti-Christ comes again, we hear that great desasters will afflict us; that planets will explode or crash the earth; that their will be a pole shift which will the whole world collapse and flood the mountains. We hear that we will be remote controlled - and that they will make us compliant. We hear about an imminent invasion by aliens; or that they want to "save" us. We hear of sightings of huge light ships on the Sun, or in the outer space; we hear about channelings from all sides.

We see strange things happening in the sky, we hear strange things, we feel odd things. Many people get strange diseases, etc., etc..

There are some questions to us, that I would like to highlight:

o What is true, what is faked ?
o How can I orientate myself - find my way?
What must I fear?
What should I do?

I want to share my thoughts with you now - after all this years of research and what I have experienced and seen for many years:

YES, now I say yes and agree with all that I see and hear "YES - it can be true!" And I also say, "it is possible, that it is not true!" I am open to anything now, and to the so-called "channeling messages" which are circulating around.

There is a navigation, that I have discovered, which has been safely guiding me through my very eventful, sometimes very dangerous life. I was confronted with life-threatening situations, both from outside (by force), as well as from within, by severe illness, which I could overcome all happily.

Only my unshakable belief in a higher power helped me through. I surrendered and devoted myself completely to this power - when I did not know any further; when I did no more know, what to do. I was ready to die! And ready going back to my Creator. And in ALL cases - the evil in the outside - or even the illness from the inside -released me completely!

The openheart - it is meant literally!

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End time - we are called to remember who we are and prepare ourselves spiritually, if we want to be survivors of the great transformation of our planet. This transformation is not possible without God, the love in our hearts. Everyone must now make his own decision - whether to believe or not. Check the Links within the several Sites - and prepares youself for whatever might face you...
The end of the world - as it is today: ... the end of the reign of terror, the end of the system, the end of violence ... prepare to face the transformation! Not outwardly, but inwardly!
The End of The material World - Three Days of Darkness
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... und die Erde wird 
 neu erblühen ...
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Brief comments on euphemisms to
the situation on our Planet Earth - for 2012

There are always people who try to gloss over the situation of the earth. They try to represent the so-called hysteria about 2012 with compassionate or also mocking words about "People who do spread Nonsense".

Also films are circulating - to make fun of "the pole shift theories" or about "the end of the Mayan Calendar," etc., or at least to greatly alleviate them. I tell you my honest opinionI about this...

Such beautifying movies or news give me stomach pains ... Not because I might not want that everything will be fine in the end! No - it is quite the contrary! It is because it supports my view, that the people still remain in continuous sleep.

Whether the calendar goes on - whether or not a pole shift takes place - this is not, what actually counts! It is about looking at the overall situation on our planet earth ! It is because we have

I have been researching, thinking over these circumstances for a long time - (at least for 30 years ) - I have discussed, exchanged and learned great things with archaeologists and great scholars. Things that are not known even by the public today - some of them I knew and saw in visions about 22 years ago.

I've never shouted this from the housetops. But I know one thing - whether it is 2012 - or 2013 - or maybe a few years later - is not relevant. It is relevant,, that the WORLD CANNOT CONTiNUE LIKE BEFORE !

One thing is clear: if we continue like this, we exterminate ourselves - however! On this topic we don't have to point our fingers at the others

Certainly, this does not concern everybody. But the majority of people destruct themselves with the consumption of medicines, with the wrong food, etc., etc. . The waters of the earth are no longer accessible for many people, their rivers dried up. It goes on like this endlessly: Genetic manipulation .... animal torture - torture of people .... Oversized "lies" - terrorist attacks (fakes - see 11 September, and see, what it was in real!). All this - for example: to spread false news for hounding own people against other countries in order to really stir and to justify great wars - to rub new ressources, money, manpower, etc.

They use severe poisons for the extraction of raw materials ... there are heaps of Industrial wastes - purposefully - in our food, or in the things for daily use (such as toothpaste, shampoo, etc.) ... with these things we could fill pages.

And the "BEST" are the Physics and Chemistry .... e.g. Particle- / Nuclear- and Chemical Research.

Here is an example:

The Company CERN in Switzerland

This company has been working for years on the particle acceleration. Unfortunately, 2008 there was an incident which was rather played down by the press - see further below

Reports on the progress of this research:
Welt.de - Wissenschaft - Urknallexperiment
(World.de - Science - Big Bang experiment --> you will have to look for an english site! or have the pace translated with the google translator)

Excerpt from this page:

Atomic nuclei collide together with record energy

particle accelerator in CERN, Switzerland
From the site:

With unprecedented energy researchers at the Geneva research center CERN have fired atomic nuclei against each other. The world's largest particle accelerator LHC elementary clashed with ...

Supreme Court does not believe in doomsday
Geneva in August 2008: as the largest particle accelerator in the world was set in motion, skeptics predicted the Apocalypse: The impact of very small particles would create a Black Hole...

In November 2008, there were an accident in the Swiss group:all:
Spiegel.de - Superheated Super Magnet -
The most expensive experiment in the world is broken

The scientists are thus prepared for such problems ... but how long it will take to repair the caused damage is unclear. It is sure, that perfectly functioning super magnets, which keep the particle beam under control, which are the heart of the LHC. Because if the beam gets out of control he could beat huge holes into the swiss underground - and probably destroy parts of the accelerator itself. When the accelerator is running at full capacity, In the wafer-thin stream is the bundled energy of a locomotive that is travelling at 124 miles per hour,

See also the Prophecies:
Prophecies: CERN Switzerland or:
Prophecies to 2012: Big Bang Machine - leaked helium is causing rupture of the faults

I have compiled a variety of prophecies that deal with this accident - or maybe with upcoming accidents. The humans has never ceased to make "unbreakable" giant projects.
The building ot the Tower of Babel has never stopped. So people always had to watch their Sky-Buildings and "to God" towering spiers collapse. I'm not talking about the Twin Towers - I mean, for example the Giant tankers. The Titanic was probably one of the first giant ships that went down. Oil spills large as continents cover large areas of the seas. Meanwhile, a carpet of real plastic - yes indeed an area with the size of a really big Island (3 times as big as Spain) swims in the middle of the Ocean! The Islands are like icebergs - they also reach really deep! Further there are disasters like Chernobyl, Fukushima ... or CERN.

Whether this happens because of manipulation or because of natural disasters -
is the question of the exact how or when really relevant?
Fact is: that these things are used - and/or collapse finally.

I pray for a change - and for the opening of minds, thoughts, desires, feelings, for the heart, the creativity of the people for the big change to the better! Because this is our only chance - that is our only salvation!

No fine words can change that

Another thing: as they walk in the dark during the war - to save themselves - a boy says to his father: "Dad, I !'m afraid "The Father has great anxiety and concern for his son - but he does not tell his son. He says. "You need not to fear - I'm here!"
I have personally experienced situations like this - as a small child in such situations, which were similarly bad for a kid just like war. A dishonest answer scared me even more!, because I felt intuitively that something was wrong - and that I now was truly alone, feeling naked and in immediate danger. An honest answer would have helped me to prepare myself. It is good to awaken and to get conscious and prepared about what happens.

Translated to the current situation:
For my part I prepare myself - at least emotionally and mentally. I look at everything - without taboos - and transform things as far as possible in my heart and do what I can to help myself and the world. And so I can reduce my anxiety so much that I am able to "carry my fear on my hand" - as kung fu master, "David Carradine" once so wonderfully said.

I still have a lot more anxiety for all the people who blandish about the current situations, rather than align themselves positively. Not in nice thinking, but in changing negative behavior patterns that take all place from unconsciousness - and usually do not reach consciousness. We are changing this situation by observing our behavior intentionally - by researching our exemplary traditional ideas for those who are not really conducive. By rethinking our wishes and desires and by aligning our behavior actively in a positive direction - we do really a great change! This is, how we can change the world, by changing ourselves!!

I became obvious to me - that if honestly observed - and also inwardly watched and felt - step by step the space which was occupied by the fear was freed for joy and hope! The current circumstances on Mother Earth are a genuine chance for the humans - for a big transformation of thoughts, words and deeds, for a great New Beginning !

For many years I've stopped eating animals. Not only after I saw that the animal breeding is one of the things that destroy the earth. But also because I did not want any more that a being must suffer for my pleasure addiction. I have started in 1998 to feed my own from the things, that nature gives freely - without the destroying of life - without the shedding of blood.

Since that time I eat a large part (80-90% - some times also 100%) of fresh fruits, herbs, grasses and vegetables. I eat them uncooked and deliciously prepared .. The other 20% are still cooked - but not because I really need it. It is because I am still addicted to some toods - such as masched potatoes or fries. Living like this - I do need much less electricity, Water, Soap, Shampoo, because I do not have water insoluble fats to be cleaned - not even from my body! Like this - I have plenty more time for the beautiful things in life!

Come on, join me and become free wo/man

Best wishes